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Rockhound 12-15-2008 11:13 PM

Need Advice on Farmhouse Remodel
I am remodeling my 100 yr old family farmhouse in TX. It is approx. 600 sq. ft. I'm trying to do as much of the work myself as possible. The interior is made of solid pine boards on all the walls, floors and ceilings, all of which is in remarkably good condition. I plan on sanding and finishing the boards, no sheetrock, etc. The exterior is in poor condition. It is old wood lap siding which has damage in various spots. The siding is attached directly to the studs. There is no insulation whatsoever. What I want to do is pull off the existing siding to gain access to the studs. Then I want to wire and plumb it from the exterior, spray foam insulation, and reside it with Hardiplank. Should I put a vapor barrier over the newly insulated studs, then sheath with OSB or plywood, or vice versa? Or do I need a vapor barrier at all with spray foam? And what thickness sheathing should I use? Any other tips on what I would need to do? Thanks.

Ron6519 12-16-2008 06:02 PM

I don't know what the pine boards look like, but the patina on these boards cannot be duplicated. Bright and shiney might not be the way to go, but I can't see them.
If you use a closed cell foam, you don't need a vapor barrier. If you use fiberglass, use a kraft faced batt and install the paper towards the interior.
I personnally like a 3/4" ply for the sheathing. It has a thicker nailing depth and doesn't delaminate as easily as OSB. It's old school, but I like it.

Termite 12-16-2008 06:59 PM

If money is an issue, I'd forget the spray foam. It is very, very expensive and isn't a DIY process (barring a few questionable online sources/brands). You can batt the walls easily from the outside with fiberglass batts.

If you're going back with lap siding, I'd sheet the exterior with 7/16" OSB and cover it in lapped horizontal courses of 30# building felt. That's a very traditional, leakproof way of doing it that will last a very long time.

DangerMouse 12-16-2008 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by Ron6519 (Post 199002)
I personnally like a 3/4" ply for the sheathing. It has a thicker nailing depth and doesn't delaminate as easily as OSB. It's old school, but I like it.

3/4" ply for sheathing??? who'da thunk it? never heard of such a thing!


Rockhound 12-20-2008 05:58 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Here are a few photos I took. One is of the interior showing the boards (I don't think I will sand them, but how about a coat of Tung Oil?). One exterior (This is the good side, the rest is in worse shape). Two under the house. It is sitting on cedar posts. I am considering putting in concrete piers in strategic locations and then adding in more cedar posts around the existing ones that have shifted. I have access to some very good cedar trees on the property that will have to come down due to allergies. I've looked into Bigfoot Pier Forms. I don't think I have to go very deep since the frost level is only 1-3" in my area. Underside looks good otherwise I think. I saw no termite damage, but I haven't inspected everywhere.

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