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victorfelix.a8 09-12-2012 01:47 PM

[My very first build: Bedroom + etc] Regular updates with pics + progress!
ADMIN please delete this thread. Posted this thread in wrong section.
New thread found here:

Hey, Im new here! Sorry posting the first thread in the wrong section, admin here's a link to the first thread:

I said in my previous thread that I was gonna rebuild an apartment, but that I might procrastinate that project and do something smaller instead.

I recently got this job to renovate 2 bedrooms and a corridor. The job is a complete makeover, meaning I will redo everything including walls, floor, roof.... all of it!

Keep in mind that I have no building experience and this is my very first job. Its gonna be quite the learning experience and I hope it prepares me for future projects.

This is the house. The circles highlight the space Im working with.

The view from the living room, looking up at the "2" bedrooms and corridor.

View from the stairs. The work area stops where the stairs end (top of stairs).

Up the stairs and to the right is a bathroom. The job excludes the bathroom, so I wont be touching it.

Here you can see the corridor, so far Ive only removed the laminate floor.

This shows what remains of the 2 bedrooms (after Ive knocked out 2 walls, u can see where they used to stand and that one room was bigger than the other). The shovel and the blue broom marks where the doors used to be.

This one is taken from inside the bedroom, u can see the stairs in the background.

I started the project a week ago. There were originally 2 bedrooms and they were to be merged into one bedroom, with a door in the middle.

So far ive demolished the first wall that separated the rooms, and then the other wall that was facing the corridor.

Ive thrown out the laminate flooring (revealing a wooden subfloor), both doors, the wooden borders along the floor and ceiling, and anything else that Ill eventually replace and update.

All walls + roof in the bedroom and corridor are gonna be painted white. I will put up a new wall that separates the corridor and bedroom, a door will be installed in the middle of the wall (where the blue broom was placed in the previous pic).

I am currently demolishing, cleaning, preparing all surfaces so that I can get started with the "putty" (? how you say in english?). The plan is to smooth out the walls and roof with putty, sandpaper it, and then apply the paint.

All electrical sockets + etc will be replaced and updated.

Im gonna have more questions tomorrow but for now I need to know how much putty I need to apply on the roof. Should it be far less than the amount put on the walls? given that the roof is in good shape and has a smooth surface.

This thread is my first draft so lemme know if something isnt clear and Ill reply asap.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

victorfelix.a8 09-12-2012 02:04 PM

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victorfelix.a8 09-12-2012 02:05 PM

This one is also reserved....

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