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My bedroom sucks... help?

Okay, so here's the story:

After moving houses recently, my bedroom is one of four parts in the basement of the new house (the other three parts are a bathroom, another bedroom where my aunt is living, and a tackle room, where our fireplace is). As far as space and privacy go, it's great. However, it's still a basement, and an old one at that. It has cement floors and old fake wood paneling on 3 walls. The third wall is just white, but it's not smooth. It has a rickety ceiling fan that could fall at any moment, and, as any basement should, there are a LOT of spiders. Also, being a basement, it constantly has that "damp"ness to it, making my bedding and clothes the same way, and I can't go out of my house without friends telling me I smell like basement.

Being a poor college student and with parents unwilling to help, do I even have options to improve my living space for the next 3 to 4 years on such a small budget?

Issues I'd like to see dealt with in my room:
1. The cement floor, I would like carpet, but my parents say it's not allowed because it will be easier for fleas to live there when the season is right. If I had all the time and money in the world, I would love hardwood flooring, but when I can hardly afford textbooks, this obviously isn't in my near future haha.
2. The ceiling fan from hell... I believe I can receive a free ceiling light fixture from my girlfriend's parents to replace this with, so I think I have this covered, as long as I can install it.
3. The "dampness," and in extension, the resulting smell. Would a dehumidifier rectify this?
4. The spiders? Is there any possible way to thwart off these little guys?
5. The windows. There are 3 windows in here (the small rectangular ones, because most of the room is underground.) I think I'll buy some nicer curtains or maybe even just some blinds/shades for them, the current ones are a nasty green/brown color and are triangular, so they don't even keep all the light out.
6. Just the overall... "basement feel," it doesn't feel like I'm "home" when I'm in this room, it feels like a basement, not my bedroom.

It's embarassing to have my girlfriend over and make her hang out in a dirty setting like this. It's sad to have to live in a place where I don't feel like I'm at home because no matter what I try, it's still a basement. Wiping the dust from my furniture and periodically cleaning the spiderwebs from every corner just doesn't seem to do the trick.

If anyone could offer any tips or advice that would be great. If needed, I can certainly post pictures.


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I think you know where to get started, from your post!
For the floor, maybe you can put a throw rug down. The big box stores have them in all sorts of sizes. That way you're not covering the whole floor and it gets fleas you can throw it outside and disinfect it.
A dehumidifier would be a great start!
Spiders are like most critters, if they are left to establish, they will. If they keep getting run out of town, they eventually will stay away. Clear the cobwebs every day. May not get rid of all of them, but the majority should go look for an easier life!
You could put up some large wall hangings to hide the walls and give it some warmth. Check yardsales or craigslist for such things.


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Definitely invest in a dehumidifer. It will provide a lot more comfort and help reduce the damp smell. Doug is also correct about the inexpensive area rugs. For my family room I purchased from Walmart a couple of 6x9 that I simply toss once or twice a year. This is to protect my nice broadloom underneath from messy kids and pets. BTW fleas will hide in lots of other places besides your carpet. Just maintain your pets resistance.

Please make sure you can fit through those windows as an escape route in case of emergency. At the very least have a smoke detector and an extinguisher down there. Check Auntie"s room for egress as well.
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I agree with the previous post. Your parents will be embarrassed after reading this:

Your windows won't allow a fireman with breathing gear on to remove any live bodies in a fire if the windows are too small or more than 44" from the floor:

This is against all codes; City, State, County, and Country.

If any ads are present below my answer or words underlined/colored, I do not condone/support/use the product or services listed/linked to, they are there without my consent.
17,000 dryer fires a year, when did you last clean the inside of the dryer near motor or the exhaust ducting?
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Toss in some nice area rugs to fill the room nicely. You can check out Google and searching what your looking for or go here(
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Alkapwn21, where do you live?
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What others have said is good advice. If you can paint the walls, you can pick up mis-tints cheap at most stores, they may have a color you like.
Or if rugs or carpet remnant no good. Get a piece of linoleum and lay it down.
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If you want an area rug, check out Amazon. Way better selection and way lower prices than the stuff you see at LowesDepot.

BTW, your user name is awesome.


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