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buildit 02-01-2008 08:47 AM

my 30'x32'x14' pole garage help me get it right
hi everyone, i am going to build a pole garage this spring. 30'x32'x14' out of 6"x6"x 18' post i live in up state n.y. i am going to dig 4' holes and then put cement 45lbs bag one per hole and have the trusses made at a 5/12 pitch 2' oc post 8'oc. its like going to 10 differnt doctors you get ten differnt ways of doing it. i just want to build a simple garage. my 13 yo son and i can work in it make some hot rods. the saw mill here will cut me 17 hemlock 6"x6"x18' post total 433.49 great then i read and read i prob, should use p.t from a home center but they are 1,300.88 i know i dont want it to fall down in a few years. but i heard you can make your own treatment on hemlock too. so any help would be nice i have a 5,000.00 budget to work with so i have to spend wisely. next year ill poor a floor and wire it and so on thanks to all . mike.

nap 02-01-2008 06:23 PM

I can't offer you much advice on the build other than;

check with your local jusrisdiction as to the footing (or pad or whatever one wants to call it) requirements. Most jurisdictions have requirements as to depth and amount of concrete used.

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