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mazeroth 11-21-2011 07:28 PM

Moving dryer from basement to upstairs. Time to drill!
I'm finishing our basement and decided to move the laundry upstairs. I've already turned our enormous living room into a smaller living room and a walk-in pantry/laundry room. It's now time to vent the dryer outside and I need a little bit of advice. The dryer was vented out the basement above the cinder blocks and the 4" hole was cut through the wood (the joists touch this wood). Behind that wood is vinyl siding. Where the dryer is now going I will need to go thru brick. I'm going to vent down into the basement and take it out the same way as before. The reason I don't want a straight shot outside is due to the vent being too high up and it will be in the front of the house. Coming outside lower from the basement will allow it to be hidden behind landscaping.

I do own a nice DeWalt hammer drill and large air compressor with tons of attachments. I was thinking that maybe I could use some type of 4" hole saw that wasn't too expensive that's applicable with brick/cinder. Or, should I rent a monster at Home Depot?

Thanks in advance for any help!

sparks1032 11-21-2011 09:09 PM

How long is the total run? Make sure it is with in specifications if it is close think about a 90 bend that is a smooth bend (google ell bend) THEN just mark your hole and drill several small holes then cement chisel the rest out!

mazeroth 11-21-2011 09:47 PM

The run will only be 2-3 feet as the wall the dryer backs up to is the wall it's going out. Do I need to purchase a special drill bit for the brick? What I was thinking of doing is going into the basement and drilling the center hole to the outside. Then, go outside and mark a 4" diameter hole around this. Drill a bunch of little holes and like you said, chisel them out. I have a 4" hole saw I've used on wood that I can use in the basement to cut out a perfect circle but I highly doubt it will be effective on the brick.

Anyone else? :thumbup:

mazeroth 11-22-2011 10:26 PM

I hate to beg but I'd really appreciate some help as my Dad is coming down in a couple of days to help me and I'd like to have everything ready.

I went to Home Depot and spoke with a guy in tool rental and they have a very large hammer drill with I believe a 1/2" chuck. With it comes a bunch of hole saws made to go through mortar/brick etc. My problem is I will need to drill the center pilot hole from the basement, through the rim joist and out through the brick to give me a center point for the brick hole saw. What kind of bit will let me drill through brick? I have a 4" hole saw for wood that I'm going to use for the rim joist.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

firehawkmph 11-23-2011 09:06 AM

I've done them both ways. I drilled a 4 1/8" hole through brick with a carbide tipped holesaw. Took about 45 minutes with a slow speed drill. Couldn't hardly lift my arms up the next day. Last one I did with a small hammer drill and 1/4" carbide bit (dewalt). Took about ten minutes. Drill through like you were saying to get your center for location to the outside. Draw out your circle. Drill a series of holes around the circle just touching the line from the inside. Holes should be about 1/4" apart. Take a masonry chisel and bust out the plug a little at a time. Once you get a chuck out, it will bust into pieces easily enough. Clean up the edges with your chisel until your vent tube will slide through.
Mike Hawkins:)

mazeroth 11-23-2011 12:35 PM

Mike, thank you very much for the info! I had done some Googling and was getting the impression that I could take this approach. The guy at Home Depot (the "tool expert") was very much against drilling all the holes saying it would chip too much and I wouldn't get a nice circle. I guess we'll see how well it works. Worst case I can always rent the monster, which I doubt will be necessary.

One more question. Which type of caulking should I use around the perimeter of this vent I purchased (link below). Also, it has four screw holes predrilled in it. I've been reading online that you shouldn't try to put screws into the brick itself rather the mortar. Since I doubt this will line up with the mortar joints (unless I get really lucky) what should I do?


firehawkmph 11-23-2011 02:52 PM

Take about half what you read on the web with a grain of salt. For the four mounting holes, I use plastic sets (inserts) with stainless sheet metal screws. You won't hurt the brick drilling these holes in it. The inserts are just over an inch long. If you get the right size, you can use the same 1/4" masonry bit you made the big hole with. I use clear 100% silicone caulking. Although the siliconized acrylics would do just as well also. Insert the vent tube into the hole and leave it out just enough to fit the tip of the caulk tube in and caulk the space between the tube and the brick hole. Then push it all the way in and fasten it with the screws.(drill the four holes and put in the inserts prior to caulking. Once it is fastened, caulk all the way around the vent itself to seal it to the brick.
Mike Hawkins:)

fireguy 11-27-2011 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by firehawkmph (Post 777684)
Take about half what you read on the web with a grain of salt.:)

And take even less salt when listening to a HD tool expert.

sparks1032 11-28-2011 07:34 AM

How did your project turn out?

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