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Mold!! Let's kill it!
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Originally Posted by sdsester View Post
Careful with this one. The building department will pull the inspections to see who took the bribes to sign off on this in the first place. They will insist on having a look behind all walls and could call the health department to have everybody replace the baths all at once.

Try getting rid of your place under those circumstances. Hopefully the HOA will realize the sensible thing to do hear is help you and your neighbor out to start and others as the need for renovations continue.
In 1979/80, what's there might have met code. I doubt anybody's going to pull out records to see what may have occured 30 years ago. More likely, since mold is unregulated, they are going to leave it to the residents and HOA to figure out how to proceed. The only thing they will be concerned with is that any remedial work is permitted. Another thought on isolating would be to use foil backed drywall for the first layer or use fire code mold resistant drywall like Sheetrock Mold Tough VHI Firecode.


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LeviDIY (04-23-2011)
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Originally Posted by Maintenance 6 View Post
Another thought on isolating would be to use foil backed drywall for the first layer or use fire code mold resistant drywall like Sheetrock Mold Tough VHI Firecode.
Thanks - contacted local building supply about this, they have it.. Big Orange, predictably, does not.... (why I hadn't know about it). Great idea!
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Wow, looks like alot of mold there. I would get a professional to take a look at it.

If you plan to do it yourself, I did a quick search for a guide: mold removal

Good luck with getting rid of it!
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LEVI, hows it going?
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Mikey - thanks for checking in.

You all have been very very helpful with suggestions, advice and responses. I'll walk you through the last couple weeks - not TOO much has happened on the overall project due to stopping to figure this out, Passover holiday and some travel.

- Bought a powerful HEPA room filter for our bedroom.
- I went in with the room sealed off w/ poly at the door, respirator mask, goggles, gloves, work jeans, long sleeves and work shoes and a bandana (no skin exposed) w/ some bleach and water mix, along with a big sponge roll of paper towels and some Fantastic spray and cleaned off as much of the mold off the back of my neighbor's firecode board and the studs that I could. I took some steel wool and cleaned off my metal studs from rust and corrosion. Put everything inside a double-bagged setup of those Hefty contractor bags. (<-- all my emotions)

It was disgusting... the mold literally was a LAYER on there.. like one pass with a paper towel just smudged it is the best I can describe. Went through almost an entire roll of paper towels (Costco size too!!) and then with the sponge. I've had a dehumidifier running in there since I opened the walls and kept that going to continue to dry out. I probably should have burned that clothing, but put it in the wash by itself right away. Ran the HEPA filter outside the bathroom on high for the night

Next day -- and here's where I'm sure I'm going to get some flack, but I'll explain below my thinking -- I came back in w/ some Zinsser Perma Guard ( and sealed their board up from my side. Used a few coats just to be safe. I also used some rustoleum on my studs where there was some corrosion/rust going on. (A few of you mentioned those might be compromised, and I took that to heart and sistered up to them as well with fresh studs).

Next post is the rationale...
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OK - LeviDIY, what in the %*&@ are you thinking??

I ask this to myself nearly every day on many other issues too, so I'm used to it.

My wife and I thought a lot about this. We weighed all the options:
- Neighbors: we casually mentioned this, and they really had no clue what we were talking about. I believe they are Russian or Eastern European, and I only was able to talk to the wife (not to be sexist at all, but she did not seem to be the "handy" one in the house, if there was one). I told her the issues, offered to show her face to face the problems, but she said she's tell her husband, and of course we never heard anything again.

- County inspectors: like some have mentioned, that's stirring the hornets nest. We hope one day to sell this and move up (after many lessons learned), and I don't know how well that would go if we seriously cause a mess on the code front, plus who knows who was paid off.

- HOA: this is something I am pursuing, and have some time as the walls are still open for a bit as we construct the shower base/pan, move the drain, etc. I want the president to see what I'm talking about. At this point its not even about the mold (see above post)... its about the return of the mold... the main issue: ventilation. That must change. That will require major work on all units/buildings... it will require major assessments.

My wife and I decided we were not willing to wait the weeks, or more realistically months or never for the HOA to discuss and determine whether to do a major assesment to fix all the buildings. IF that utlimately happens, we will have to do what we need to do.

I was/am still a little worried about the sealing of their wall.. that locks in moisture as I understand and I would guess probably accelerates the deterioration of the wall. I documented everything. The truth is, that wall is already deteriorated and compromised, so I don't believe its possible to make it worse...

I don't feel 100% good about it, to be honest. If it were just me, I can handle not having a master bath for a while. There was pressure from the wife... and to be perfectly frank, I think I partly justified it as "everyone else is doing it" - I __KNOW__ that's wrong.. but I'm just telling you how I did it here...

As for the project.. it moves on... in the showcase thread, I've got to update that soon... after the Zinsser cured (I love that stuff), put up the insulation and we are about ready to get the CBU on the walls after the pan is done...



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