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pvarga 12-10-2013 09:02 PM

Membrane between exterior wall plate and floor
I just gutted a room and I noticed a fibrous membrane between the exterior wall (insulated)'s plate and the floor. It is under the wall plate and is stapled onto the wall's studs about 1 foot up. The floor is OSB wood and the wall is 2x6 wood as well.

What is this membrane called and what is its purpose?


joecaption 12-10-2013 09:32 PM

Got a picture?

pvarga 12-10-2013 10:18 PM

Here is a pic

joecaption 12-10-2013 10:20 PM

No picture comes up.

pvarga 12-10-2013 10:37 PM

Gary in WA 12-10-2013 10:58 PM

Typar house wrap- belongs on the exterior....


Picture of the outside would help....

pvarga 12-10-2013 11:03 PM

Outside is just brick :)

OK looks like TYPAR house wrap. So judging from that product's description, there is no point to have this on the inside. Why wouldn't the builder have cut it at the floor level?

pvarga 12-10-2013 11:52 PM

Maybe just to keep wood chunks and sawdust from bored holes for electrical/plumbing within the walls during construction to avoid having to clean up?

Seems like I can remove this.

joecaption 12-11-2013 06:05 AM

There is no need to remove it, just add vapor barrier and sheetrock over it to save time.
It's always best to include your location to your profile.

pvarga 12-11-2013 06:55 AM

I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I was also thinking the builder might have used it to protect the insulation during construction.

I want to remove it and it would take 1 minute with a utility knife :) So just wanted to make sure there's no harm in doing so.

Windows on Wash 12-11-2013 07:09 AM

You can cut it out.

I suspect is it wrapped under the sill plate which is an interesting application to say the least.

Gary in WA 12-11-2013 06:22 PM

It is your WRB to stop wind/water from wetting the sheathing, to drain down past the floor sheeting/rim joist. Now, any moisture will be directed to your floor sheathing under the wall.... bad, IF the other end of that piece is connected to the wall with vertical application. If just a scrap piece- cut it off though there should have been a continuous bead of caulking along the plate/floor sheathing joint against air infiltration (which you can add now).

Along with solar-driven moisture;

You will have less relative humidity on the inside sheathing face with a low perm housewrap (Typar) than a high perm one (Tyvek)- a good thing. Especially if the wall sheathing is OSB, pull some insulation to check. Was there a poly on the studs next to the drywall?

PS. Yep, I see the poly that should have been caulked to the floor....maybe they ran out of poly, lol. That still doesn't explain why it was wrongly run under the wall.

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