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**FYE** 10-20-2010 12:00 PM

Main Floor Reno Ideas Help PLz
Need some fresh minds to ponder on what to so with the main floor of our House. Trying to avoid moving window but can be done as they are all new and recently installed with all new siding. ( except the dining room window) The dining room window will be replaced with 2 glass screen doors to a Patio that will be added later. Note : All electrical and Plumbing will be ripped out and replaced with new.

Would like to keep bathroom on main floor but not sure on the placement of this. We are looking at removing the wall (not a support wall) between the bedroom and dining room and making this a big kitchen and relocating bedroom where kitchen is now.

The side porch will be removed and door way sealed up. The stair well to basement and the stairs to top floor (under each other) needs to be reversed as we want the stair well to top floor facing the main entrance and the basement entrance next to kitchen/dining room.

Yes there are 2 rooms labels living room, they both have alot of space and both have big windows, one can become the new dining room I guess.

Anyhow here a rough plan of main floor, and pic of the front of house with the big picture windows. Any idea appreciated and no worries about any electrical/plumbing as this is all being torn out and replaced.
Basically the main floor will be gutted leaving only the shell of the house intact.

Thanks for any input :thumbsup:

(main floor Rough drawing as it is now)

Front View of house with big picture windows:

LIving room left side

Living room right side :

Stairs to top floor :

Dining room opposite of Top floor stairwell

kwikfishron 10-20-2010 05:40 PM

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Fye, nobody here can help you design a new floor plan for you online. You say you want to gut the interior to the outside shell and start from scratch and that’s great but undoubtedly some of your interior walls are load bearing so you just cant knock them out without structural considerations.

Since you will need a permit which will require an approved set of drawings your first step should be contacting a drafting and design firm in your area.

The drafter will know your local codes, look at what you have and your wish list and figure out what you can do. If there are any structural issues that your building department may need a Engineers stamp on the drafter will know who to contact.

Are you going to do the work yourself or hire part or all of it out?

Either way there are folks here willing to help you through the process but first you need some plans.

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