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tibasnatch 10-19-2012 10:01 PM

Looking to finish part of basement need some help.
I have a walkout basement. 1/2 of it is already finished from the builders with a 3/4 bathroom. we have been here about 4 months. room will be approx 13x14'

I have some random questions and will include some pictures as well.

1) We had alot of extra fake wood vinyl flooring left over from our upstairs kitchen can a vinyl sheet be just glued to a concrete basement floor?

2) The concrete wall pic, the other side of wall is open air meaning not underground cause its a I have to and should I insulate that wall? Do I need a vapor barrier?

3) The wall with insulation already up and plastic can I just drywall straight over that? (in the summer when it was real hot I noticed just a small amount of condensation on the inside of plastic in a small area should I be concerned? havent seen it since.

4) The pic with water heater I want the new wall to start at the bathroom corner so it will be almost right next to the water heater is that going to be a problem?

sorry for all the random questions I want to start this but be ready for it.

here are a few pics.

Hardwood Head 10-20-2012 11:22 PM

1) No the concrete has moisture so it will not stick and it will eventually lift and peel, you need a sub-floor.....look into a product called "Dry Core" You can then lay flooring of your choice.
2) I would, insulation will also help to keep the basement cool in the hot summer. Vapour barrier on all exterior walls is a good idea.
3) I would do some investigating before you board the wall. Open up a section of the wall by removing the vapour barrier and insulation, it is beter to do this now when access is relatively easy.
4) Service techs will need room to properly work on the unit if ever there is a need, Leave a minimum of 24" on all sides.

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