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kevin125 10-19-2011 05:39 PM

A little header/sill/rim joist help?
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OK..My house was built in the 50' wife and I have been doing things here and there to fix it up/ improve/ update the place. Yesterday I got into the utility room and replaced the back door..I noticed a little rot below the door..It was late so I hung the door anyway (just because I needed to fill the hole)..Today, I stated to pull up some flooring and found that the boards under the door are pretty rotten and need to be repaired/replaced. These boards are the rim joist or header boards or sill?...Im not sure. Will my house have to be jacked to replace these boards? The floor joists run parallel to the rotten board. There is a porch (4x4 concrete porch like on a moblie home) on the outside that will have to come down because there is no flashing to prevent this water damage...What am I looking at for a fix? The boards seem to be rotten about a foot or two on the left side of the door and seems to be good on the right side of the door(maybe 8 inches to the right).

sixeightten 10-19-2011 05:50 PM

I would carefully remove the door and rehang it later. It will make the repair work so much easier. Hard to tell from the pics if that will need to be supported. Not really a big deal to prop it u temporarily.

kevin125 10-19-2011 05:54 PM

Yeah...I will remove the door for repairs..but its dark and raining outside right now :)

After looking further into it..there is another beam that runs the length of the house on the other side of the door...maybe 6 feet to the left.

sixeightten 10-19-2011 05:56 PM

Hopefully the plywood is not rotted. If that joist is only under the door and wall, and not supporting the structure, youcan probably get by without jacking it up.

kevin125 10-19-2011 06:00 PM

Thats my biggest if it needs to be jacked...if not, I will do the work myself. Its not much there now, I could pop a hole all the way through with a hammer (easily if i wanted)...real moist wood!

kevin125 10-28-2011 04:29 PM

OK..just an update...

I read somewhere that said, if you're not sure a wall is a load bearing wall, assume it I ended up jacking the wall up. The more flooring i pulled back/up, the more problems i found with the joists..I replaced everything with PT wood..even the sub floor. Got every thing as level as i could get it and also put down laminate flooring. All i have left to do is replace the trim and paint!!

Nice 'lil DIY project!!

$200 door ended up costing a lot more, but I am glad I found and fixed the problem!!

kc0gnu 11-13-2011 03:20 AM

There's probably a lot of black mold. You have to get rid of that first.

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