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jondoe888 09-25-2012 11:33 PM

lintel placement
I have a basement wall I'd like to redo. It currently has a 32" window and a 30" door that leads out to a deck. It's a wood frame wall, 13' wide. I'd like to make the wall 'all' glass - with french doors and windows or lights, with minimal studs. 6' worth of doors, and two 30some inch windows.
The problem - how do I support the house when I take the studs out??? And of course, the joists run parallel to the wall.
I'm good enough to put windows and doors in, but supporting the house is a mystery, and I'd like some clues before I hire someone. Any ideas? (that wouldn't involve explaining the cracks in the walls above to my wife???)

And the lintel - 2) 2x12's? 10's?
And the studs on either side of the doors - how many 2x4's would I need on each side?

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