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techprincesse 10-12-2009 11:42 AM

Laundry room in basement - Where do I start?
My laundry room is in the sub-basement of my townhouse. Sub-basement has another full room about 20x14 right beyond it.

The walls look like cinder block about halfway up and then its just exposed studs with pipes over it that go to the water heater. Cealing is exposed as well with fiberglass insulation bats overheat being held up by wire.

There is a washer/dryer, utility sink, water heater and a Central air/heat unit in here and I do NOT know where to start.

I guess the two main things that irk me is the floor, its just naked concrete but its smooth. But the concrete floor is so DUSTY... Seems like no amount of cleaning gets rid of the dirt on the floor. At first I was going to get the preforated garage flooring so that if there is an overflow it can still get to the drain in the middle of the room. Then I contemplated just putting a rug in front of the washer/dryer to prevent clothes from getting dirty when being dropped but now I am hovering towards trying to tile it. Can I tile around the water heater? Is that even recommended? How can I hide the pipes on the walls and the dryer vent thats just hanging out above my head? I havent the foggiest idea WHERE to start. Help?

cellophane 10-12-2009 12:09 PM

there is nothing that says you cant tile in the room around your mechanical systems as long as you provide an adequate slope to your floor drain.

the piping and ceiling should be easy to drywall over as long as you provide access panels for any shutoff valves that may be in the walls. do you have pictures of the room?

benshouse 10-21-2009 10:07 PM

I would recommend applying an epoxy coating. It takes 2 days from start to finish and looks great. First you vac/sweep the floor, then you wash it with an etching acid, then wash it with reg water, let it dry. Once it dries you mix the epoxy and roll it on.

I applied my on an older concrete floor without a floor drain so i had to dryvac up the water and used a dehumidafire. I can give you more tips if you are interested.

Another option would be to put down foam/rubber play mats. That way its easy under foot and its mold resistant unlike carpet (kinda). They have those at home depot or lowes. But i couldnt find it on the web site so here is another site

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