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H8Mondays 11-04-2010 08:41 AM

insulation over house-wrap?
Hi all,

Looking for your opinion on this. I'm in the process of removing the lap siding from our home and will be recovering with vinyl (hopefully before it gets really cold around here). Anyway, in talking with others and doing some research, there appears to be a split on what is the desired method.

Options I've seen mentioned include:

A: House-wrap only, then the vinyl.
B: insulation board only, then vinyl.
C: House-wrap, insulation board then vinyl.
D: Insulation, house-wrap and finally the vinyl.

In our climate, the little bit of extra protection offered by the insulation is moot, as I'd rather do it proper and better insulate inside the walls if needed, as opposed to relying on either insulation board or fanfold with their minimal R-values. The current underlayment is not OSB, but rather a substance that resembles almost compressed sawdust between two layers of tar paper (does that sound familiar to anyone), which appears to be a fairly flat surface to work with.

Any thoughts on the best procedure going forward? Thanks!

Gary in WA 11-09-2010 10:38 PM

What type of rigid foam board? XPS, Poliso, ?

Use a lower perm rating like Typar rather than Tyvek for your "heating mainly" climate location.


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