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nsanto17 09-16-2011 08:13 PM

insulation behind exterior wall is wet
I have an extenion on my house(Ranch) and on one of the exterior walls i poked a hole in the wall today(not on purpose). I put my finger in the wall to see what was behind it. The insulation behind that wall was damp to the touch. I pulled a little bit of the insulation to see the condition of it. It had black things on the insulation but not sure if its mold or just dirt or grime that is in the wall.

Last summer i had a small leak in the roof right above this wall and i thought i have repared it.

I am going to be pulling down some of the sheet rock to see whats backthere. How should i attack this. Do i need to call in a pro. I am very handy and just finished my basement.

My wife is pregnat and i would imagine i would need her out of the house while to do these repairs.

Here is what i planned on doing
1) Pull down the sheetrock and damp insulation
2) find and repair the leak
3) dry out the wood behind the wall
4) re-insulate (with vabor barior)
5) New Drywall (prob green board)

I can pull out more insulation and take a pic if you need me to.

What do you think?

Gary in WA 09-16-2011 11:16 PM

Cut a 6" x6" section and look for mold on the paper facing of insulation. You are in Zone 4, no poly vapor barrier required.

Buy some 2mil painters plastic in 8 or 9, 12' high to install as a room divider wall to contain the area. Keep the mold spores contained, wear a mask, not just a dust mask if it is black mold. Try to create a negative pressure area there not to spread any contaminated air to the rest of house. Fan in window with cardboard around it. Seal floor register if required.


nsanto17 09-17-2011 08:37 AM

Thank u. I am kicking the wife and kid out starting Monday night. I will take pics and post

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