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Installing Ceiling Medallion

I have an 18Ē diameter ceiling medallion (made of MDF?....definitely not plastic) that Iím installing in a dining room. Total weight is 0.6 lbs. I planned on securing it to the ceiling using only an adhesive caulking (ĎLoctite Power Grab All-Purpose Construction Adhesiveí or any other high quality adhesive caulking you guys recommend). However, Iíve done some internet research about how to secure these to the ceiling and more than a few sites recommend using a combination of an adhesive and finish screws. But I really donít want to drill a hole in the face of the medallion unless I absolutely have to. Yes, I know you can drill the holes in medallion crevices, etc to try and hide it but, still, Iíd like to avoid that unless I have to.

Attached are 2 pix of the medallion. Since the side that faces the ceiling is recessed in descending, concentric circles as it goes towards the medallion center I glued 16 thick, rectangular plastic pieces inside the very outer ring to give me more surface area to spread the Loctite on in order to get greater adhesion.

So, how would you guys install this; adhesive only or adhesive and finish screws? Would be great if I could hear from someone thatís done it and can say that years later your medallion was still fastened securely. If I donít hear from anyone Iím going to use the Loctite only and hold the medallion in place with four long 1Ē x 2Ēs extending from the floor to the ceiling for 24 hours while the Loctite dries.

Attached Thumbnails
Installing Ceiling Medallion-ceiling-medallion.jpg   Installing Ceiling Medallion-ceiling-medallion-rectangular-pieces-glued-.jpg  


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I would say this ceiling medallion is not going to be on the ceiling just by itself, or is it. Is there a light fixture or something else going up after the ceiling medallion? Then, if so, this would aid in holding the medallion on.


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Yes, there will be a chandelier hanging from below the medallion. So, knowing that, how would you install the medallion?
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I have always used 2 screws with the MDF ones , countersank them and filled the holes with Drydex. I have been to customers' homes with 18" or more medallions and, while they haven't fallen, they have come away from the ceiling leaving an unsightly gap. For the polyurathane ones I just used adhesive.
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Just by the stated weight, that is not MDF.

Most likely it's a polyurethane foam, such as Fypon.

Any quality polyurethane adhesive will work. Just make sure it's centered properly on the fixture box, because it'll be there permanently once the adhesive is cured.

Either prop it up there, or better yet, use a few finish nails toed on an angle into the drywall to pinch it up there. An 18 gauge brad nailer will do the trick.
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Medallion Material

[quote=loneframer;647193]Just by the stated weight, that is not MDF. Most likely it's a polyurethane foam, such as Fypon."

Loanframer -

If it's polyurethane foam would it have a pattern of extremely (and I mean extremely) fine diagonal lines on the medallion face? The back is definitely some kind of foam, and does not have the diagonal pattern but the face does. Dang near have to hold it up to your face to see it, but it's there. Whatever it is, it sure is light. The factory specs said it only weighed 0.44 lbs. I estimated about 0.6 lbs above because I glued on the 16 rectangular plastic pieces to give me more adhesion surface area.

I welcome any other opinions or posts from people who have installed a ceiling medallion.

(BTW, thanks for schooling me on what MDF is. I looked MDF up on Google and learned it is made from wood fibers and more dense than plywood. Like you said, definitely NOT MDF. Knowledge is power, eh?)

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Use 4 trim screws and some construction adhesive.


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