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ghutch 10-03-2013 01:03 AM

Installer damaged brand new Americast tub.
I'm using a contractor that got good online reviews. The job has gone south from the minute the crew walked in the door. The first Americast cambridge tub I am supplying arrived damaged from amazon. Amazon sent a new one which arrived in pristine condition. It was not installed in the manner I requested. The contractor rep came out and agreed to pull it an reinstall as ordered. I came home to find tub sitting on end. By accident I found a huge piece of the under side composite in a box with other items to be installed. I looked and found an entire chunk about 5 inches long missing on the corner of the flange with bare thin steel exposed where the flange sits on the rail. The inside of the tub has also been scratched all over from the installer standing in bits of Durock on unprotected tub. I have a feeling the installer might try to tell me it's fine to install as is. It will void the warranty. I don't want to install what was a brand new perfect tub, now damaged. Out of curiosity, if it weren't for the scratches on the inside, would a big piece of the under composite missing still be ok to install with the peace somehow glued just for support on the rail?

The rep is responsive to all the many problems up until this. The problem is the guy actually doing the work is a total hack. I'm hoping the rep will agree to reimburse me for the tub. If I get resistance, what recourse to I have?

oh'mike 10-03-2013 05:26 AM

Why did you provide the tub? Typically the contractor provides that and can deal quickly with his own distributor to get a replacement and refund ---now he's in an odd spot----

Pictures would have helped a lot----I haven't installed one of those in a few years --

If a chunk of the plastic support is damaged,I imagine that the support could be repaired----

Is there a permit on this job? Is the work on the plumbing up to code?

More details please-----Do you understand the odd position that the contractor is in?

ghutch 10-03-2013 08:27 AM

I supplied all materials because the contractor requested I do, and he wrote it in the contract. Contractor supplied labor only.

Subcontractor is gone from the job. Contractor offered to reimburse for the tub without my asking and send a new crew. So my worries about the cost of the tub were unfounded. The last crew installed not one, but two new subfloors and shower surround with drywall screws and liquid nails that clearly says (NOT for use on subflooring) I'm now looking at a month out from getting any work done. I would rather have just moved to another contractor altogether because the supervision of the job oversight was next to not existent but I don't have the time to research a gazillion other contractors and it's possible he was trying a new crew on my job, and has others he's used longer and knows are better. Either way, he has my deposit and he gave me zero resistance about starting over at his cost so he is making a good faith effort to resolve the problem. Still after his last subcontractor looked me in the eye and lied about every part of the job and what a crappy job at least one of his subcontractor crews did, I'm on pins and needles.

oh'mike 10-03-2013 05:38 PM

You are in an odd spot---I have been building bathrooms for many years and never heard of a good ,experienced 'contractor' that wanted the customer to provide all materials-----how are you supposed to know what to buy? Who provided the wrong adhesive?

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