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sunshine22 02-20-2011 12:03 AM

Install baseboard over/around existing trim of bathroom vanity?
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I am replacing old 2" baseboard molding in my bathroom. The new baseboard is 3-1/4" and thicker / less flexible.

My vanity cabinet already has some 1" flat molding running vertical between the cabinet and the back wall - problem is that this flat molding runs all the way to the floor (Photo 1). I don't see how cutting the flat molding is an option (seems like it would ruin the wall/vanity).

It will look quite tacky if there is no baseboard on side of vanity - slight gaps from flooring make it look unfinished (you can't really tell this from the close up photo).

Do I install the new baseboard over the top of the vertical molding? See photo 2, this makes the new baseboard stick out about 1/4". How do I fill in the 1/4" gap, about 19" long? Seems a bit much to caulk.

Or, do I use 0-degree cuts on both walls surrounding the 1" trim and just live with the gap? See photo 3

Suggestions / ideas appreciated!

oh'mike 02-20-2011 06:03 AM

You could cut that little bit of molding with a multi-tool--Harbor freight has one for $29--

A few minutes with a utility knife would also clip the bit out of there--Mike--

I think mitering a 1/4 inch return would work --but look like a mistake.

Ron6519 02-24-2011 08:39 AM

That molding will not cover the floor gaps, it's too rigid for that. To cover gaps you would use a shoe molding or a 1/4 round or a nose and cove. These are small and could be persuaded to conform to the floors irregularities. They could be installed in front of the colonial base or by itself.
Notch out the back of the molding to cover the vertical vanity molding.
Personally, I would silicone caulk the gaps if they bother you that much and just butt the base molding up to the vanity.

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