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Chris' Place 03-31-2008 11:41 PM

How Should I Frame this Single 10' Wide Step?
Hello, I had posted in the flooring forum about this question but was forwarded to post a thread about it here. I am laying down laminate on the first floor of my townhouse style condo which sits on concrete slabs. The dining and living rooms are 2 levels that are 2 steps apart, i.e., 2 steps down or up. I tore down a small 4 foot tall wall that split the two rooms and would like to create one step that is as wide as the room.

There is an existing step (made of concrete) on the floor which is about 12" deep, 5 1/2" tall and about 4 1/2' wide. I need to extend this step across the room so that I can Liquid nail laminate and stair nose onto it.

I have been told I should use concrete but I do not want to bond laminate on concrete that's fairly fresh. It doesn't seem like a good idea at all for moisture reasons. I also wanted to utilize the existing electrical wire/Romex (short wall had outlets) to make a wall outlet on the stair riser so wood seems like a better choice. I could route the wire through the framing.

My question to you is, what would be the best way to frame the step? Should I use a bunch of 2 x 10's cut and stand them up so that with the 3/4" plywood, they would create the right height of 5 1/2" to match the concrete step? Should I frame it another way? Should I destroy the existing step and frame the whole width of the room so it would be uniform throughout? How could I fasten everything onto the concrete? Utilize storm clips on the floor to mount the 2x10's? Should I use adhesive? I tore the wall down the other day and I'm at at a loss. Any help would greatly be appreciated it, thank you.

Here is the original thread I posted at the "flooring" forum. It adds extra details and info that may help you in getting a better idea about my situation.

Thank you very very much for your time and help.


James Con 04-01-2008 12:59 AM

It seems like concrete would be the way to go.I think if you drill and pin the existing concrete so the new step becomes one with the old, form out for the step and pour your concrete. It would be easier than building the step out of wood, then trying to fasten it to the existing step and floor somehow. As far as the moisture concern, Can't you make the step the last thing you finish so it has time to cure.

mark942 04-01-2008 02:58 AM


Originally Posted by Chris' Place (Post 112802)

Your wanting to continue the step shown,,,,,,Left of your pups shoulder,the one with the blue carpet backing? If that be the case I would use to secure a Pressure treated rim joist to the concrete. Frame out from there.

AtlanticWBConst. 04-01-2008 06:34 AM

Forming an extension of the step with concrete would be my suggested method.

To a Newbi DIYer, this may sound intimidating, but it is actually going to be a relatively easy solution, secure, and proper.

As stated, you need to install rebar or pins, clean and rough-up the concrete to be attached to, etc, etc...

Can you use wood? Yes, PT with treated fasteners. Install cleats first, to attach the vertical segments to...etc...

- Gotta run off to work...

nadonailer 04-02-2008 09:31 PM

Dowel rebar in with epoxy and extend with concrete, like they said....

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