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Sorry, my bad. The shower in the picture is a solid surface or marble unit. And you are correct it does mount over the drywall. All tubs that I was talking about were of the fiberglass design. If that is the tub you are going to use then yes hang and finish your drywall after plumbing is done then install the shower unit over it as indicated in the instructions. Caulk up the edges and seams and you are done.



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Originally Posted by KUI****G
Thanks again Dave, may be I am too unexperience but, how come this web site indicates differently

Or may be I am talking Apple against Orange ....

Right now, we are doing 2 bathrooms that we are installing similar 'corner' shower units.

1 of the units calls for installation ONTO the wall (i.e. Cement board/Durarock). The reason for that is because it is a CHEAPLY made unit that is very flimsy and needs that extra wall 'support' to make it 'less flexible' and more ridgid and sturdier.

The other unit is of a higher quality and is designed to be installed directly onto the wall studs.

Big Dave is right, virtually all shower and tub units are made to be directly installed onto wood stud framing. I have done many remodels and new home builds and such an installation onto sheetrock is highly unusual. I wouldn't recommend buying such a unit. This is also the recommendation of 2 of my plumbers.

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Atlantic, no worry for any hijacking, talk away. Its not like you guys are talking about sports here, its all good info for anyone who reads the thread.

yeah, that picture is just some random pic I found that would show the flange I'm talking about.

I think I'm just about ready to finish up here, so thanks very much to everyone for all the info.

Atlantic- You've been so quick on the draw w/ all my questions and your help is much appreciated and has definitely guided me through this project when the road hits a bump. It was probably not the greatest idea for me to try and tackle a 90% bathroom remodel for my first home project ever, but I basically had no choice and so far, its coming out awesome! I currently live and work only 20 minutes away from you, you are in Chelsea, right? Anyone I hear of that is doing work to their home and does not wish to go the DIY route, I will surely refer to you. Thanks again to all.
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Glad that I could help in even a small way and Glad to hear that things are going great. The key is doing what you're doing: "Asking questions". (I still do - all the time - when in unfamiliar waters)
This project will give you the courage and belief in your own abilities to tackle more projects. Some people have a natural 'knack' for it. Who knows, maybe some day I'll see your card out there in the same area of work. Alot of contractors started out exactly the way you are. My Biz. partner's cousin did: He started by doing remodeling on his own home. Then, we did work on his next project: his 1st purchased home remodel job back in the mid 80's, now his company is all over the place with his own in-house architects and designers.

BTW - We are actually based in Chelmsford, but do work in Boston and all around you, ..... down into RI.

Good Luck and

-Build Well -

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Slight variation on above


This is my first post so appologies for posting this to the wrong spot.

I am in the process of finishing around my shower with tile similar to the previous posts. However, aside from tiling, my main difference is that my shower does not have a continous wall where the flange screws in. There is only enough wall to support the flange and then it turns 90 degrees. Therefore, I only have about a 2" space that I need to finish. I hope to tile this area and am wondering how to fill the gap prior to tiling. Above the shower, I have installed Wonderboard. Should I just cut a long 2" length of Wonderboard and screw it on top of the flange?



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