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KlamathMog 03-22-2010 05:34 PM

How do you take old fireplace brick to new cement board? and framing questions.
Hello everyone,

I tore out some old masonry and it left behind some poorly mounted sheetrock and some uneven brick. I want to have a 12" tile border around the fireplace opening with a wood trim mantle around that (so the tile doesn't need to be flush to the sheetrock at all). I will have finished sheetrock above the mantle.

Issue 1: Mounting sheetrock to the wall- there is a 1"+ gap behind the sheetrock. I can feel a stud horizontal in the middle of the rough sheetrock panel, so I am going to need to add some more structure there. What do I add? Non-flammable framing? Like steel? What is the best way to tie them into the vertical framing outside the fireplace?

Issue 2: Getting Hardi-backer on the uneven brick. I need to level the surface around the fireplace opening and mount hardi-backer to it. I was thinking I would do mortar in a few layers with some chicken wire to reinforce it and prevent it from running down, and then fasten the hardi-backer on with masonry screws after drying and sanding flat.

Suggestions? Code violations?

This is in Portland, Oregon.

EDIT: the bricks that look like vents are NOT vents. They can be removed.

kwikfishron 03-24-2010 07:03 AM

Frame a wall in front, cover and tile.

Gary in WA 03-24-2010 08:57 PM

See if your local Building Inspector will give you a courtesy call to be safe.

Be safe, Gary

KlamathMog 03-25-2010 10:10 AM


that is a very good idea! But we already have it pretty much done.

I got a copy of the oregon building codes online. Only thing that we had to observe was no flammable material within 2" of the brick work. I put a metal beam in to reinforce the new sheetrock. Then I ground the brick flat and I mortaring hardibacker on with quickset. In the large areas I am reinforcing the cement with chicken wire. Look ssturdy, fireproof, and true.

thanks for the suggestions though!

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