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mobiledynamics 07-01-2012 08:10 AM

How to deal with wavy flooring - Baseboard
Aside from scribe, scribe and scribe....any tips and ricks.
I'm working with 1/2 flatstock baseboard.
The runs are way.

On one wall, I have a dip in the middle.
On another run, there are two peaks that throw the entire run off.

Not looking to do shoe moulding.
for the Wall with the 2 ends being level, and then the *dip* in the middle of the flooring....not sure what I can do just short of *filling in the gap* ---- I know it's not ideal but I don't want shoe moulding.

mobiledynamics 07-01-2012 08:47 AM

In in one corner...if I scribe high spot (corner) - the other running wall be then be *higher* in the corner.
Would it be a good idea to do a long taper - cut with a track saw on the board to ease the edge...

joecaption 07-01-2012 09:35 AM

Fix the floor under that area by lifting from under it, or just use 1/4 or shoe mouding would be the best ways.

oh'mike 07-01-2012 09:35 AM

Scribing is about your only choice---I use a 4 1/2" angle grinder with two 36 grit sanding disks --stacked back to back---

You Tube---'coping with an angle grinder' for how it works--

Very fast and accurate---but messy---

mae-ling 07-01-2012 10:28 AM

You want your corners to look right.
This usually means trimming all the base in the room.

Start with say 4" base and end up with 3" in the entire room.
Each piece is a custom fit.

Yep that is why most use shoe moulding.

bubbler 07-01-2012 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by mobiledynamics (Post 955293)
...not sure what I can do just short of *filling in the gap*

Keep It Simple Sir.

If the gap were under 1/4", and I was painting it, I'd just caulk the gap.

No matter what, it's going to appear "wavy" to the naked eye because the floor has a wave to it.

Duckweather 07-02-2012 05:52 PM

Depending on whether the effort is worth the results, you could try tacking the baseboard to the walls, at a height you would have to calculate from the lowest point. Use something like a router or roto zip with a straight cutting bit and use the floor as a scribe guide. You would only have to hand finish a few inches at the ends. (Just make sure you go in the direction that the router rotation pulls toward the floor. Not the Tim Allen direction.)

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