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Piney 03-17-2007 08:28 AM

House Leveling

1900's pier and beam house-- less than 700 sq ft. Its our camp house , so no one lives there on a permanent basis. The floor sags here and there. Its obvious that one side of the house is about 6 inches + lower as one notices that the couch sits on a slant LOL.

I need to repair the roof (as posted in another thread). The contractor said that if I level the house after the new flat roofing goes on , it may crack.

No termite or rot on beams. No sagging beams that I can tell by eyeballing them. The problem appears to simply be that the piers have sunken unevenly. Most areas are accessible, except one corner which may require some digging to get to it easily.

The current piers are both the "pyramid" blocks and some solid cinder blocks. The original pyramid blocks are sunken a good 8-12 inches into the soil.

Does anyone know of a book or web site that has some instructions on this ? I have a few questions--
== Does one start on one end and work towards the middle ?
==Does one start around the edges and then go inward ?
== Is this done is stages-- raising places a little all over then going back or is a portion raised to finished height ?

Because the original blocks have sunk, does one -place new/additional blocks on concrete pads (2x2 or ?) to help prevent this in the future ?

AtlanticWBConst. 03-17-2007 02:12 PM

My first suggestion is to get a professional to inspect the whole foundation system and get their opinions on what are all the contributing factors of the problems and what their thoughts are on repair/correction methods (there could be more involved than you can actually handle)...

Here are some references to review:

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