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Marsharo 12-30-2005 09:33 AM

Garage Floor leveling.
I have a 2 car detatched garage built around 1970. The floor on each side of the garage slopes to a floor drain in the center of each car spot (about 3 3/4" slope from the outer wall). There is a portion of a center wall between the 2 car ports.

This garage is being remodeled into several rooms, including a kids play room, guest bedroom, and family room.

My wife insists that the garage must be able to be converted back to a garage with minimal work, This precludes using a self leveling concrete to level off the floor.

The only idea I have had is custom ripping each floor joist the entire garage. Is there any hope is leveling the floor fairly easily without pouring concrete?

Zero Punch 12-30-2005 02:11 PM

First I'd cap off the drains before building a floor over them. Power wash the floor with degreaser before you start and then instead of custom cutting floor joists try shimming treated 2x4s layed flat 2'oc and shimmed every 2' use a good construction adhesive for wood to cement insulate with foam board and 3/4 t&g subfloor.


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