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tjeieio 04-25-2008 11:46 AM

Garage Conversion
Hi - I have a detached 2-car garage that exits to a very busy street with about 8 feet of driveway. The small driveway is due to the street being widened a few years ago. The garage is really not very useful as a garage so I have been thinking about converting it to a studio. This would allow me to remove the door rails and garage door opener, which hang down in the room and are unsightly. A friend warns me against converting it since I will no longer be able to say our house has a garage and this could hurt its resale value. To me it seems to make sense to do the conversion so it will be more useful to me. A compromise I have been considering is to convert the large 2 car door to a single carriage style door and adding a conventional door next to it. This way, it is still technically a garage, but can also be used as a studio because a carriage door does not have rails or an opener. Any thoughts out there?

jcalvin 04-25-2008 01:42 PM

It all depends on what people in your area expect when they buy a house. If your garage is that close to a busy road and it makes it hard too use, people may not consider it a garage anyway.

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