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LoriMD 01-10-2007 03:20 PM

Garage Apartment
I'm looking into buying a piece of land with a garage/apartment on the property. I plan to live in the apartment for a few years until I build the house. But the apartment is just a shell and needs some work to live in it. And for such a small space the lay out is horrible.. I know you guys aren't contractors but I just wanted to see what you guys would think the cost would be to relocate the kitchen and bathroom. I understand that it is a very rough estimate. Just the labor, I already have prices for cabinets and appliances. Thanks! Oh! My picture was too big for what this forum allows so the url is:

Brik 01-17-2007 08:30 PM

Not sure I would change it. Your new layout would require guests to use the bathroom by going through the bedroom. Not ideal.
Moving stuff around is also expensive. Not enough info to even guess. Is there access from below? Is it on a slab?

If you are not planning to do the work yourself then the best approach would be to get at least three estimates. Provide the contractors with the specifications on all the cabinets, appliances, etc so they all know exactly what you intend to do. Compare all three. Figure it will cost %20 MORE than the highest estimate.

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