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pjgsteelers 07-13-2010 11:03 AM

Finishing Attic, insulation question
Hi, i am not very experianced with this sort of thing but I figured i would give it a shot. the previous owners of my house in Pittsburgh, PA had framed out the attic and put up thin paneling for the walls and ceiling, this served as a bedroom for one of their sons. The attic is pretty big and has a set of steps for access. I figured I would take down the paneling and drywall the room. When removing the paneling on the ceiling I noticed that there is insulation (fiberglass) between the rafters, this insulation is pushed all the way against the sheeting for the roof. Doesn't this block the air flow for the vents on the roof? Should I remove this insulation, pull it down a few inches off the roof sheeting, or leave it alone and drywall over as-is. I just had my shingles replaced and want to extend the life as much as possible and i do not want them to be damaged due to lack of ventalation, at the same time I plan to use this as a bed room ansd don't want to take down the insulation unless it is definately the right thing to do, it can get quite hot and quite cold here....This is my oportunity to make sure it is correct before I Drywall it.
Thanks for any advice!

Ron6519 07-13-2010 01:59 PM

Take some pictures and post them. What you need to do will be based on some omitted details.
Were vents installed with the new roof? How many and what size? Do you have ridge vents and soffit intakes? Does the structure have knee walls? Is there insulation on the floor behind the knee walls? Are the knee walls insulated? How large are the roof rafters? 2x8's? 2x10"s?
Do you know the recommended insulation values for the region? Does the insulation in the rafters conform to that value?
Pictures and more details will help.

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