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craleo 11-18-2008 08:16 PM

False Window
I'm looking to put a window over my front door canopy which is in the exact middle of the facade. The problem is, there is an interior wall perpendicular to the front of the house that is exactly where the window should go. The window is not for viewing usage but rather is intended to balance the look of the house so I'm not concerned about a solution that would mean you can't see through the window. I just want it for the appearance it would provide from the curb. Is it feasible to put a window in somehow so that the interior wall won't have to be moved? Are there any window products out there that would solve my problem? Or is there an easy solution to modify the interior so a window can be installed in the usual manner?

Termite 11-18-2008 08:44 PM

A window can be installed on the exterior side, and with no jamb extensions, the sheetrock on the interior side can be left in place if the window is thin enough. Obviously, any studs removed in an exterior wall are bearing studs, so any opening created must be headered off. Normally when windows are installed in attic dormers or similar useless spaces, they paint a wall behind the window black so you can't see anything in there.

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