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BTW, every one of these buildings have at least one, if not multiple gable walls that are bearing. Let me know if you want at least a dozen more examples.
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It's not that it took him an hour to make 100 bucks, it's that it didn't take you 10 hours to save 100 bucks.

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Originally Posted by loneframer View Post
There are so many scenarios that could make that a bearing wall that nobody should assume it is not.

Even if the joists run one direction in one room, they could easily change direction in the next, due to a number of circumstances. The fact that there is not a dropped header in the wall does not mean there is not a flush header above the plates. There could be a flush header with a single point load bearing on the center of it and removing structure from one side or the other could create problems.

Assumptions should never be made without thorough investigation of field conditions.
Okay, I'm starting to second guess myself now. But before I spend the money to have an engineer come out, I'm still hung up on the ceiling joist issue. If I can (1) see the perpendicular center beam on both sides of the wall, and (2) verify that ceiling joists on *both* sides of the wall run parallel, then can you think of a scenario where this could be bearing? It seems to me that the joists are bearing on the exterior wall and the center beam. The wall in question must have a lally column where it passes under the center beam, so obviously the opening can't extend that far, but aside from that I don't see how the rest of the wall could be structural.

If this by itself is not conclusive, what else should I look for? I suppose I could drill through the top plate to check for a flush header, but this house was built with conventional construction techniques so I wouldn't expect to find something like that.

I don't mean to challenge your assertions, I just want to understand this.

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Originally Posted by cumak View Post
Okay, I'm starting to second guess myself now.
But before I spend the money to have an engineer come out...
You don't (shouldn't) need an engineer.
An experienced framing carpenter can poke his head up in the attic...
and perhaps underneath in the basement...
in general they can look it over and be 95% sure.

The rest is in stripping the rock off and seeing what's inside.
And even if you don't have a proper header in there now...
there's no reason you can't open the wall up 6" more for the jacks...
that a header will need to fit.


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