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CZSteve 11-08-2010 07:29 AM

Double Hung vs Single Hung
We're replacing our traditional single pane aluminum windows with vinyl double pane on our single home. Half-and-half between hung and sliders.

Opinions on benefit / value of double hung / double slide versus single hung / single slide?
Price difference is only about $300 for 9 of the windows that apply.

Benefits of double (that I see)
- Easier to clean (we're a single story, so nice but not required)
- Flexibility of opening both directions (nice, but that's all)
- I like the look of the full screen (guess we could do full screen w/ single)
- I'd imagine a double might be easier to repair / replace the panel.

We are getting a VERY good deal on the windows thru a contractor friend.
I imagine on 'paper' resale 'might' be better; but than again I rally don't care about that as next time I move I plan on someone else carrying me out... :whistling2:

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