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bakerhouse 05-08-2008 04:05 PM

Door Jamb too large
When we ordered our exterior door, we measured the existing jamb with the old door still in place. Now that the custom door has arrived, it appears that we must have measured the trim as well. Now that the old door is out, the actual jamb is 4.5" and the door we ordered came with a 5.25" jamb. How screwed am I? Is there anything I can do with the new prehung door to make it work?


rjniles 05-08-2008 04:49 PM

Install the door and the casing will intrude .75 inch inside past the dry wall or plaster. Hold up the casing you will be using and mark where in falls on the wall. Measure from that mark back to the jamb and rip pine (or whatever your casing material) boards that dimension less a .5 inch or so.
Trim around the jam with these boards and install casing on top. You will have the appearance of thicker than normal casing.

skymaster 05-08-2008 09:41 PM

Another way would be to get 1 x 2. lets presume the 3/4 depth, glue and nail 1 x 2 flush with outside edge of trim, then apply as normal. This way there is no measurement misses. You can also do this with just 3/4 x 3/4 parting strips. Attach b4 you cut the miters, be careful where you put nails, then use a pc of 3/4 on miterbox table to keep it flat, cut your miters. Normal 1 1/2 #4 on jamb but at the outside of trim you will need #8 or #10 penny finish nails. 05-08-2008 09:43 PM

I would do the same but add the build out to the back of the trim and then cut and install it.

bakerhouse 05-09-2008 06:18 PM

Thanks for all the tips. The door is in and I think everything is fine with the jamb. Looks good, closes good. On to the next problem, I mean project. :thumbsup:

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