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FLARob 09-26-2010 09:58 PM

Crown molding with uneven ceilings, Help
So we bought this house, an HOA neighborhood only about 25 yrs old. TERRIBLE builders in my opinion. As I'm installing baseboars, chair rail and just starting crown molding, I've experienced some really poor measurements in ceiling to floor areas, floor to chair rail un levelness, walls that are supposed to be 90 degrees aren't, and so my 45 degree cuts are off in a bunch of spots, etc. I'm a new DIY, and dealing with it.

So now I'm starting Crown molding and my first piece right off the bat, I'm getting hit with a middle down bow in the ceiling, leaving a 3/8's " gap on each end of the molding. I've gone through and looked at other areas now like the living room, etc and see a few uneven downward dips. I'm guessing between studs?? here and there. What does a pro do in this case. How do I avoid looking like I fastened a snake molding up there, AND having huge gaps to fill in? :eek:

BigJim 09-26-2010 10:12 PM

If your mold isn't too thick you can do this. Bed your molding into each corner with some scrap pieces, for example, cut two short pieces at a 45 one on right one on left. Tack the two together so they will be easy to handle in the corners. Mark under the bottom of the mold on both walls and pop a chalk line from mark to mark.

While putting the molding up keep the bottom of the mold on the chalk line. Roll the top out when there is a downward bulge and push the mold back when there is a dip in the ceiling. You will not be able to see the top of the mold being irregular on the ceiling as you would on the wall. There will be a gap to fill in places but if you put the caulk in and take a good square putty knife and run it along the wall and ceiling against the mold it will make a good square crisp fill and be very difficult to see once painted.

Just one more thing, if you need to nail a place on the mold and there is nothing behind the sheet rock to nail to, just push the mold tight and angle your nails one to the right and one to the left in the spot and it should hold to the rock like that.

unlvrebel 09-30-2010 12:37 PM

This is a very good technique. I would like to add one thing, though. Instead of using caulk (can be sticky and difficult to finsh smooth), i would suggest Durabond drywall mud. Mix up some 20 minute mud, fill and sand. Should give you a seamless finish.

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