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remixer 10-26-2012 07:59 AM

Creating a new Exterior door opening, in existing house wall
Hi i have an attached garage and i want to add a 32" door to the existing wall. i already removed the studs and re-framed for the opening.

Im at the point where i would need to start cutting the wall out. The house is plywood and vinyl siding. Do i need to remove the siding or can i cut that with the door opening and then just trim as needed?

joecaption 10-26-2012 08:26 AM

Siding has to go. Once it's removed I'd drill a small hole in the four corners from the inside so you know where to cut the house wrap in an X shape from corner to corner, tack it out of the way, make your cut, then fold it into the opening, nail around the frame then cut off the access.

Did you frame in a header over the door?
Did you rough frame it 2" wider and 1" taller then the door size?
I's strongly suggest if that door comes with wood brick moulding on it to remove it before it gets installed and replace it with vinyl brick moulding. That's the first thing that's going to rot out.

Make sure to add a Z moulding drip cap over the top of the brick moulding at the top of the door before the sidings reinstalled.
I'd run some window tape flashing up the sides of the rough opening at the bottom.
Make sure there's a bed of silicone under the threshold.
I'd strongly suggest that a length of 1X vinyl lumber is Tap-Coned under the threshold on the outside so it's fully supported bebore the siding goes back on.
(It's impossible to install a door or window and flash, or trim it correctly with the siding in the way.)

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