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floodj32 01-08-2012 02:40 PM

Create an open office at the Top of the Stairs?
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I have recently become a home owner and have a few projects I would like to do. I don't have much experience but I am always looking to learn how to do something new. I am looking for advise, words of wisdom, potential cost, and anything else you think would be beneficial for me to know. I would tackle each project 1 at a time and finishing with the flooring. Thank you in advance for helping out.

Project 1;

I would like to extend the landing area at the top of the stair to create a space for an office. I would also move the linen closet to add more space. I have included some photos of the area that I am talking about. I am wondering if this is something that I can learn how to do myself and how much it will cost in materials. How much would it cost to higher someone to do it. This project would also require me to move the linen closet to where the Master Bedroom door is and then move the Master door down the hallway a few feet. I have heard the with pre framed doors this can be easy to install, comments, concerns?

Project 2;

The Master bedroom is large, especially when compared to the other rooms in the house. We would like to take some of the space and create a walk-in closet. Currently one entire wall is a closet with a false wall. The closet runs the length of the room, 14 feet, and half of the closet space is unusable since it is behind the false wall. The plan is to move false wall into the room about 4-5 feet and create a walk-in closet. The closet is currently 2 feet wide and so it would be roughly 6-7 feet after the wall is moved. Is that enough room? This project would also free up another wall in the room that furniture could be place on. I am aware that I will need to run electrical into the room for lighting. I will have a licensed electrician do this. I am hoping to do the rest of the work myself if possible. Advise? Costs? The master is currently 14X17, including the closet which is 2 feet deep. So if we brought the wall in 5 feet for the closet, the master would be 10X14 and the closet would be 14X7.

Project 3;

We would like to install hardwood upstairs. Given the two previous projects it seems that this would be a good time to change from the carpet to hardwood since the floor space would be expanded and the change in the master would require changes to the flooring. Is laying hardwood difficult? Cost; currently we have Brazilian Teak downstairs and we would like to get a wood that looked at minimum similar to what is downstairs. Ideally we would like to use Brazilian Teak so that they match, but that depends on the cost. Are there any other types of wood that might match? What are the costs? I measured about 600 square feet of floor space and to be safe I would say I 650 square feet just in case I missed something and for pieces that had to be cut and scrapped. Is that enough extra? I have heard you always want to get more than the amount you need to cover but I am not sure how much extra I need. (This measurement includes the extra floor space that would be created by project 1.)

Thanks again for the help and guidance.

joecaption 01-08-2012 02:50 PM

With this many projects you would be far better off working with someone local on pricing, seeing if some of it can even be done, check for supporting walls ect.
Anyone here will just be guessing.

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