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kevinok 04-21-2013 12:53 PM

Counter Top depth for new Half Wall
How big of a counter top could be placed on a 2x4 half wall? In other words, with a standard 2x4, how far can the counter top hang over the edge of the wall without additional support?

Details: I'm opening up the wall from the kitchen to the living room. The opening will be 8 feet wide. We will be installing a 4x12 (2-2x12 + 1/2 plywood) header and want the half wall to be 48 inches high when finished.

Why so high? Well, we will not be using this as a breakfast bar with stools. And we want to have it high enough to accommodate the outlets and switches on the kitchen side. Plus, it be nice to hide any kitchen mess when entertaining.

So, could the counter top over hand 2 inches without support on either side. wall = 4 3/4 + 4 inches (2 inch overhang each side) = 8 3/4 inch wide counter top.

Counter top material will likely be a natural stone of some kind.

Fix'n it 04-21-2013 08:38 PM

if the wall is SECURELY fastened at the bottom, and is well built, that shouldn't be a problem. if it were me, i would open the wall up and add some screws to help hold it together. and some lag bolts down into the floor.

kevinok 04-21-2013 11:28 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a pic.

So, image explains a lot. Black boxes are outlets or switches this side and green boxes are outlets/switches kitchen side. In the center of this wall on the other side is the kitchen sink. From this viewpoint, the dishwasher is to the right.

All cabinets on the other side will be staying. This is on a slab foundation. In the upper left hand of the pic, you can see where I have removed the chimney/fireplace (thread here and another here).

We plan on making the finished height of the bar to be between 46-48" high.

Question: I'd prefer not to have to install a Studor vent (AAV) for the vent. What's the requirement on cutting a hole into the jack studs and king studs so I can extend the vent pipe thru those jack/king studs and up to the attic and back out the roof in the existing hole?

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