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Cost of small addition on Long Island???
I'm thinking about adding a small addition to my "L" shaped ranch located in Huntington, Long Island.

My house is built on a slab with no basement. I need an additional bedroom for my new child. I can borrow some space from my rather large master-bedroom so as to minimize the cost and size of the addition. I'm thinking only 100 to 200 sq. feet for the addition. Is doing an addition this small (100 sq. ft.) possible and/or practical?

I've been told that it will cost at least $175 to $200 a sq. foot. Can this be possible? It will require minimal electrical work, no plumbing work and minimal alterations to the HVAC system.

Obviously, money is the prime consideration.

Looking for some advice.


Termite 08-08-2008 10:47 PM

Whether or not the price per square foot is reasonable or accurate for the addition you're considering can't be determined on a forum like this. People can tell you what they paid or what they'd charge on average, but square foot costs can vary drastically from one project to another....Especially on a small addition.

New homes can be built for much less than $100/sf in many markets and at lower price points. Additions, and especially ones as small as this, will be considerably more per square foot. You must remember that even though the area is small, the work involved doesn't really change. It still involves all the trades that a large-scale remodel would....And their price has to justify showing up to do the job, even if the work is very minimal.

In the city I work in, it is not uncommon for additions of this scale to exceed $1000/sf (yes, I said $1000). New homes are usually half that price in the same city.

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