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jscholl411 12-26-2007 11:50 AM

changing front door
I have a old house with an odd sized front door, 80x34, which I would like to change out. The door I am going to put in is 80x32 so there is framing that needs to be done. I dont have the time to do it myself and am going to hire someone to do it. What would be a decient price to have this done? Ball park figure?

AtlanticWBConst. 12-26-2007 12:16 PM

Sorry, can't help you there.
There are many factors that will affect cost.

It could range from simple to complex.

Only an onsite inspection can reveal the proper labor and additional materials cost, and that can't be done over the internet.

Any number of these issues could come into play and add or subtract costs:

1.) Header doesn't allow proper height. (it's happened)
2.) Flooring needs alterations to accept the new door threshold.
3.) Existing walls are out of plumb.
4.) Floor is out of level.
5.) Discovered rot or damage.
6.) Extensive interior casing and/or baseboard modifications.
7.) Extensive exterior casing modifications.
8.) Siding modifications or alterations.
9.) Extensive drywall work required?
10.) Paintwork required on door, door components, other areas.
11.) Installation of hardware included?
12.) Custom Millwork required for style of home.
13.) Disposal of old door costs.
14.) Storm Door removal?
15.) Storm Door installation?
16.) Brick work on exterior?
17.) Improper installation of original door creates additional issues....
18.) etc, etc, etc....

AtlanticWBConst. 12-26-2007 12:20 PM

It's like asking us to "guess" your weight, favorite food, hair color, etc... over the internet...

pesphoto 12-26-2007 02:36 PM

This was one job I didnt dare tackle myself. The old home i bought had an odd size i went to lowes and had it special ordered and installed.

jscholl411 12-26-2007 02:46 PM

to specially order it is an extra $200. Not sure if its worth it....Do you think it is?

pesphoto 12-26-2007 02:58 PM

It was worth it for me yes, but it sounds like you already have a door?
It cost me a little extra, about $1100 total with instalation, but it was well worth it. I love it and now I know it is secure unlike the old one that was in there.

troubleseeker 12-26-2007 08:09 PM

Sounds like you should have bought a door from somewhere besides Lowes or HD. A good lumber yard or local millwork supplier could easily get a 34" door, and save you a lot of trouble, and most likely money also.

If you insist , be prepared for somewhere at least $1500 to who knows how much.. Most likely closer to the who knows how much, as the majority of items listed by Atlantic will probably come into play in an old house.

pesphoto 12-26-2007 08:15 PM

It was no trouble...IM very happy. Each to his own.

HIDean 12-28-2007 04:49 PM

It will be cheaper to special order the correct size door. Home Depot talks about installing an exterior door for around $200 (correct size).

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