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KUIPORNG 07-19-2006 03:45 PM

change color of flooring and other wood finishing, possible?
My wife asked many times saying can we change the color of the hard wood floor to somthing darken as well as the stair handle to the 2nd floor...etc. I kind of feel that, it may be possilbe for the stair handle as there not much wax coat on it and may be can simply apply a dark wood finish on top of it to change it's color... buy may be even that is not possible...

anyone know anything about this? or is there new product on the market allow things like that... or how to do this...?

AtlanticWBConst. 07-19-2006 07:58 PM

I am assuming that this is pretty basic and your question sounds like what it is.
If that is the case: Sand all the wood down to the raw wood layer (Get rid of the stained layer). This should not be a deep layer.

Then Stain away to the color or color depth that you want.

Simple - if I am understanding you correctly.

If this is, in fact the case, ask for more details regarding the sanding approach to both areas mentioned.

KUIPORNG 07-20-2006 08:36 AM

thank you, so my answer to my wife next time will be a strict NO.... as it is too much work....

AtlanticWBConst. 07-20-2006 06:54 PM


Hand her a box of sand paper and head to the nearest corner pub.

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