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jimhdiyer 11-01-2012 02:59 PM

Ceiling tile layout questions
I have a couple of questions regarding laying out the drop ceiling grid for my basement finishing project. First, the main area to be tiled is straight on one side for roughly 44 feet (at the Center Beam). It extends back to the back wall (or another beam) at widths of abbout 16' 4'' at one end, 16' 10'' in the middle (to another beam), and 10' 6'' at the other end. I am thinking of placing the main beams/T's at 4' intervals starting from the Center Beam. This would place all partial tiles at the back wall, but they are going to be different widths anyway because of the overall area dimensions. Am I ok doing it this way?

Second, behind the 2nd beam in the middle is an alcove area to be tiled also. It is an octagon shape (1/2 an octagon). The side at the support beam is about 12' 3'', the back wall is about 8' 2''. At either end of the beam the walls go straight back for about 3' then angle in at 45 deg to meet the 8' 2'' wall. This make the middle of the area about 4' 6'' deep.
My thought here is to run 2 main beam/T's in the long direction, with the 1st 2' from the support beam and the second at 4'. Again all the partial tile would be at the back and angled wall area. Is this reasonable?

DannyT 11-01-2012 07:49 PM

in the large area you will end up with a main 4 inches from the wall. i would move the first main over so you have equal pieces on each side in the 16'10" area. in the octagon area it sounds ok, just center from end to end. i would draw it out before you start.

jimhdiyer 11-02-2012 10:13 AM

Thanks, you're right I need to layout the entire area to see what/where each T is.

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