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Daugela 06-19-2013 12:38 AM

Can I put a shower pan on tile
I'm installing the following acrylic shower pan in my bathroom and have a question about tiling the floor. I was going to lay the pan on the sub floor and then tile around it but I got to thinking and didn't know how to butt the tile to the pan.

If you look at the picture, the base of the shower pan is angled and ornate. It doesn't look like the tile is meant to be butted up against it.

Could I lay tile in my entire bathroom, including the area of where the shower base is going and place the shower pan on the tile? it would make a cleaner look.


oh'mike 06-19-2013 05:30 AM

I doubt if you will be pleased with the end result if you set the pan on top of the tile.

Here's why---
The pan needs mortar under it for leveling and reinforcement---this sometimes results in the pan lip not flush to the finished floor--the backer board and tile will hide that.

Pans sometime flex a bit---having the pan behind the backer and tile hides that and also help pin the pan to the floor.

your tiling might not be perfectly flat--leaving a gap--

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