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cwk36 10-27-2011 05:19 PM

Building a 2nd Ceiling using 2x4's and Drywall

I live in a wood-construction condo with moronic neighbours upstairs: they constrantly stomp, drop loud objects, and play ball with their dog inside. It is unbareable.

As far as I know the floor/ceiling is constructed as follows:

Laminate flooring
1/2" plywood
1/2" plywood
I-joists 16" on center
1/2" drywall
1/2" drywall

My family room/kitchen area is 15' x 21', ceilings are 8'. I was thinking of building a 2nd (dywall) ceiling with a 2" air gap below the existing ceiling. I was hoping to run a steel or wood beam down the middle of the room and support it with vertical studs at the edge of the room, dividing into 2 halves of 7.5'. I would span the 7.5' spans with regular 2x4's and tie them into the perimeter with 2x4's screwed into the drywall along the edges (kind of like a deck). I would use this "deck" to hang the drywall from.

Can anyone comment on the effectiveness of this plan? My goal is to reduce footfall/stomping noise, high frequency is not as important to me.

Having the neighbours install carpeting or moving is not an option unfortunately.
Thanks in advance.


chrisBC 10-27-2011 08:58 PM

IMO, I think you are overthinking it by building a second ceiling. Typically what will stop sound is resilient channel, and the proper insulation installed in the ceiling. I don't know if your plan would completely stop the soundproofing or not, however it's a lot of labour.

I would take the existing drywall down to the joists, install roxul or other insulation that is good for sound suppression, install resilient bar on the joists, then board and tape. Sound proof drywall is available, although expensive.

This is route I have seen when wanting to soundproof a space. Your plan may work, I don't know. The only thing it may save is the demo of the ceiling, however you will lose at least half a foot of ceiling space, which will make your living area seem a lot smaller, I would guess.

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