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w112ces 05-11-2010 09:35 AM

Brick ranch repaint help desperately needed
I'm reworking the curb appeal on our weird little brick ranch this summer. We love the inside of this place, but the outside is, well, funky. We've decided to paint the bit of siding on the front and the gables, put up simpler shutters and paint those, paint the garage door (and/or get a new one without windows), and get a new storm door in a coordinating color. We'd like to get vinyl soffits.

We really like color, and I HATE beige, but we are absolutely stumped about what colors to choose. Do any of you have suggestions? I really liked the idea of either a mossy green on the siding with black or raisin colored shutters or my husband's idea: a warm yellow on the siding with deep teal shutters. The issue we run into is that there are so many colors involved -- black roof, orange brick, shutters, siding, trim, windows (which are a brown color and won't be replaced until at least next year), storm door... it's just a mess. Could we lose the shutters altogether for a more modern look? Help!

One last note: the burning bush has to stay for privacy until I'm able to plant a row of emerald green arborvitae along that end of the house. We're on a cul-de-sac and our neighbors have a bit of a staring problem.

Just Bill 05-12-2010 06:19 AM

I prefer earth tone colors, but decorators give color suggestions, I always leave those to the owner. What's the matter with white???

w112ces 05-12-2010 10:53 AM

Nothing's the matter with white, I just don't like it in on this house. It seems washed out. Perhaps if we were able to come up with a nice accent color for the shutters, it wouldn't bother me, but on the whole it just seems like a safe cop out.

I'm leaning toward earthtones too at this point -- what would you suggest?

Barelythere 05-18-2010 10:49 AM

Brick ranches are a pain!!
I had the same issue with our brick ranch...lots of different colors going on (orange-tan brick, blue-gray roof) and a relatively small (and awkward!) amount of siding that could be painted. I went through many different color combos before realizing a few things.

1)It's tempting to paint that small amount of siding a color that you are drawn to BUT the house will look much more cohesive (and take an accent color better) if you paint the siding to match the brick as closely as possible. Then you are not drawing attention to the fact that the entire house isn't brick.

I trained myself to think of the brick color AS the house color. Period.

If your home wasn't brick, you probably wouldn't paint the bottom half of your house one color, and then paint the top half a different color. Some brick/stone houses have symetrical areas of siding (and a lot of it) so it looks OK to paint it a different color--but this is not the case with most from the 50's-60's!

2)Add your color in the garage door, the front door, shutters/flower boxes/pots, and the trim. It will really stand out and look nice against a cohesive background.

I would go with a deep gray blue-gray green-- (some sort of a cool neutral that works with the roof) for ALL the trim, doors, shutters, etc. You could even use varying shades off the same color strip and it will still work better than adding more colors to the mix. For instance, a medium grayish green for the trim/shutters/garage door and the darkest gray-green on the strip for the front door.

This is one of my favorite examples of orange-y brick with gray-green accents...

It's not to say that a different color (funky lime?) front door wouldn't be OK if that appeals to you. ( It does to me but I'm too scared to try it :) )

Good luck!

P.S. You can use the color visualizer on to get an idea of what a color combo will look like. Although the colors onscreen often look nothing like the gives you an idea of what category of color you want.

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