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solblanca23 12-26-2010 09:25 PM

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Is there a way to frame this in, and still provide enough oxygen to it.

Just Bill 12-27-2010 06:02 AM

Use a louvered door, or cut a hole in the door. Another way would be to run a pipe outside to bring in air, but that can make things cold, without and air to air exchanger(expensive).

solblanca23 12-27-2010 09:39 AM

what about the noise though.

Grampa Bud 12-27-2010 11:02 AM

There shouldn't be much noise, just a low shuuushing much like the return air on a scorched air furnace. You could build walls around this boiler and bring in an air duct from outside the home, but it must be the same size or larger than the exhaust flue on the boiler. Depending on the average winter-time temps in your neck of the woods, you may need to run 50/50 antifreeze/water in your system with an outdoor air feed into the room with the boiler. The boiler doesn't run 24-7 and depending how long your off cycles are plain water could freeze in the boiler room. The boiler puts off a lot heat while it is firing and isolating the boiler in a small room could be detrimental to its longevity. In the end there are several pluses and minuses, you just have to make up your mind what you want or can get along with.

Ron6519 12-29-2010 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by solblanca23 (Post 557420)
what about the noise though.

Oil fired boilers make noise. And they need air to function. The air requirement means you live with the noise.

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