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Solo4357 02-15-2007 04:10 PM

Big oops. Fixable?
I started in on my basement and framed it all up. Now I find out all about pressure treated wood that needs to be whereever it contacts the concrete. Crap! Is there anyway to fix this without tearing everything out? :help:

AtlanticWBConst. 02-15-2007 06:44 PM

Not that I have discovered yet.....

(You could jack hammer out the concrete flooring, then put water and ice shield on the bottoms of those KD plates, then re-pour new concrete....:jester: )

Obviously, I'm just kidding about that part...

The question is: Do you now, or have you ever....had moisture issues in your basement?
If you have a very dry basement.....don't worry about it.

We have done basement remodels, where there were old walls that were completely framed with KD, but the basement was bone dry. The local building inspector let it go (we framed the rest with PT plates)

If you have moisture or are concerned:

Invest in a good reciprocating saw (sawz-all) and some good long metal cutting blades. Go thru and slide the blade underneath each stud...cutting the nails that are attaching it to your bottom plate.
Use that same saw (with wood cutting blade) to cut the areas of the bottom plate where it is attached to the concrete. That last area will splinter up with a hammer. Cut any nails left sticking up from the concrete with (you guessed- the metal cutting blade)....

Purchase new PT 2x4's, slide under the studs and attach to concrete and KD framework.

It can be done. On our crew, every now and then, someone puts a a frame (wall) or what-ever area together wrong or non level. We use the saw to simply cut the nails, pull it apart, and then start the 're-doing' process.... "such is life" ....

Solo4357 02-15-2007 08:19 PM

no moisture issues at all. It's a brand new house. ... well 2004 anyway. I'm going to slide in plastic behind the walls but others I've talked to say it's not a big deal either.

And even more places I've seen online say pressure treated is bad to put indoors anywhere! Though I guess there's alternatives. I may have to go your route. I do have a recip. saw so I can still do that. Thanks!

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