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andrewbp 09-27-2011 01:06 AM

bedroom recessed lighting advice wanted
doing a few remodels in the bedroom and one of them that i was wanting to do was to install recessed lighting in my bedroom to clean up the appearance and have a little more lighting in the room as far as even light all around. the room is roughly 11ft deep by 16ft wide. door is at the southwest corner on the south face (if drawing a box in your head). the ceiling is around 8ft tall.

i am figuring from the research ive been doing online is that it would be 2-3ft away from each wall. my thought was to go with (4) 6 inch remodel recessed cans and go with LED light fixtures sooner or later with a wide flood pattern. LED for power and less heat and dimmable (plus slight neat factor). would i be pulling too much power or putting out too much light with the 6 inch cans or would i be smarter to go with (4) 4 inch cans (my fear is not enough adequate lighting). these lights will not be used for reading but for general room illumination.

as it sits right now its a center ceiling fan with a 4 bulb light kit attached to it in a + formation. the switches in the room, it is a 3 switch panel, one for the light kit, one for the fan itself, and one for a wall socket on the west wall of the room.

and do you recommend any mfgr's for the remodel cans, so far i found on home depot the Halo H7RICT 6 inch cans, and with the promo code from retail me not, it would be $45 with tax for 4 of them.

ryan5068 09-27-2011 05:55 AM

Look at I use 5" cans almost exclusively. Much cheaper than hd

Ron6519 09-30-2011 09:11 AM

You should be fine, power wise, if you're using 4 lights. Four leds use much less power then incandescents.

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