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timewarp 01-13-2009 04:44 PM

Bathroom remodel questions. What a mess now
Awhile back i noticed the in my bathroom ( shower only- no tub )some loose tiles on the floor and looking closer relized the floor itself was flexing .

The house is older and the tile on floor is the little 1x1's and are pink .. Decided this had to go. I also noticed that 2 of walls in the shower weren't right either . Anyways , i started removing tiles on the shower walls . I was SHOCKED .... two of the walls are one layer regular drywall .. i thought why did they do that and noticed even worst from being regular drywall there was No joint tape / joint compound installed not even over the now very rusted screws. No biggy i'll install durock on these two walls .

The other wall , however is the same ( no tape or compound ) but it is two layers of drywall . This one iam not sure what to do with as its the wall with the shower head and handles ect. Do i install two 1/2 thick sheets of durock one over the other ? I'd like to keep the same thickness as everything was a nice fit .

Next is the floor . I started to remove/pop loose tile there and up came the cement board ( ? ) with it . It doesn't appear to be fastened down in anyway ( maybe it was glued but certainly is not now .
The wood under that is not in good shape either so i will have to replace that as well. My questions are : what wood do i need to use ? After i replace the wood , what do i install over the wood ? I plan on installing tile again but not the little 1x1 types .

*** Sorry thought i posted this in
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Just Bill 01-14-2009 06:15 AM

Water can get thru duroc, but it will not deteriorate if wet. Use a moisture barrier behind it, or use hardibacker, less permeable to water. You could use a double layer of backer, or shim out the studs with 1/2" plywood. Extra materials or extra labor, sort of a trade off.

The floor MUST be rigid for ceramic tile. If it is not you will get lifting tiles and/or cracking grout. Minimum subfloor thickness should be 1 1/4". 1/2 backer over 3/4 subfloor is usuually OK. The backer should be set in thinset and screwed down. If the subfloor is 1/2, normal in older construction, add plywood or backer.

ponch37300 01-14-2009 02:23 PM

Are you talking about the shower floor or just the bathroom floor? If you are talking about the shower floor you will need a pre sloped mud floor to set tile on or use a ditra/kerdi system. If it is just the bathroom floor-not in the shower you can use normal backer board like mentioned.

As for the shower walls you can fur the studs out the 1/2" and then use your backer board. I would waterproof your shower walls with something like red guard sold at home depot.

bradnailer 01-14-2009 03:29 PM

While it would not be as attractive as tile, you might also see if you can find a premade shower pan that would fit or is close enough that you can make it fit by adjusting your walls slightly.

timewarp 01-14-2009 04:40 PM

Thanks everyone ,

I had to swing into Home Depot real quick and did look at backer board , redguard . I didn't venture to the premade type showers ( wife likes them thou and mentioned maybe wanting this instead .

ponch37300 , iam not sure about the shower pan area - I know the floor at least 14 inchs away from the shower is bad . The rest *feels* much more solid but i've planned on replacing it as well since what i have seen was so incorrectly done . I'd feel more comfortable knowing its replaced and at least know how it was installed.

This is going to be a slow projct for me. With the ideas posted thou , i feel i can do this ( with help from the forum ) At this point , i guess i should just remove the remaing tile and floor and see what i have.

Thanks Again

bradnailer 01-14-2009 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by timewarp (Post 212655)

At this point , i guess i should just remove the remaing tile and floor and see what i have.

Yep, that's the best thing to do at this point. Once you get the area cleared out, the solution will probably become evident to you. Mainest thing with showers, keep the water in the shower and down the drain.

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