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Snav 03-02-2010 03:54 PM

Bathroom progress - and future plan
Well - slowgress, at least . . . but its going forward, not backward (or down on my head for that matter).

My house is a classic stick-frame house, built on a basic pier and mudsill base. The joists are undersized (2x8 that span 14'). The mudsill takes the load of the joists instead of the joists being attached to the girders which has caused the mudsill between piers to sag considerably.

On top of that sag there is the sag from the undersized joists as well as the houses two load bearing walls which are off-center (3' cantilever from the center "I" beam of the house) which has led to sharp, significant sag in the joists, on top of them just sagging due to being undersized.

For the last week I've been prepping the old girder to be able to hang new joists. I'm done with the forward girders - and I'm moving onto hanging the joists and trying to level things off as best as possible in the process.

Here is my map out for my permit . . . I also worked up various things for the electric and plumbing but I'm a long way off from getting to that. I did two sketches, one current to show whats there, now, and one to show what will be done.

So - today I placed in a new joist - 1 out of 5 that will be done. It was anchored, clamped, glued and bolted to the old one - and the other 4 will be done in the same way.

Following photo: new sistered beam in place and fully set:

The outside wall which does not suffer from significant sag - attached to the new girder with joist-hangars:

Following photo: The opposite end of the joist - runs under the bathroom wall and sits on the "I" beam in the center of the house. This is built forward with a new girder, as well. Due to the load-bearing wall being cantilever on the undersized joists there is still considerable sag. This will take time to fix. In the last 3 years I've reduced this sag from a full 1.5" on all house joists to 1/2" with continual jacking and support changes.

I could continue with this if I like - but I think 3/4" is ok for now - I will continue to relax the sag, though, as I work on the house in the future. But, after sistering in new joists, I will have to break the connection to continue jacking in the future.

So - this explains why there is actually a gap at the top of the joist rather than the joist sitting snug under the subfloor above.

Underside of the same area:

Finished plan for the bathroom:
I have no before-pictures on hand because the bathroom has been amid renovation for quite some time and my computer had since died, having to be reborn again and again.

The old plan was: tub on the right side, toilet in the center, counter with single sink on the left.

As you can see - the tub will now be on the left, double sinks in the middle on an old dresser that I will convert into a cabinet and the toilet will be on the right.

The main reason for swapping things around is that I have no desire to continue to deep clean the bathroom window which use to be over the tub. Its also aesthetic - the door to the bathroom (not pictured since it's on the facing wall) is not centered - and it made logical sense to have more room for the bathing area, letting the sinks be centered in front of the door.

As a future water-damage prevention measure I will Red Guard the subfloor and walls before tiling.

So - this week will be nothing but joist setting and subfloor.
Next week will be rebuilding the rotted wall and then on with the new walls and so forth.

I think I'll just update this post instead of starting a new one as I progress.

Ron6519 03-03-2010 07:50 AM

You might want to repost this in the "Project Showcase" section. It will give the more inexperienced DIYers an idea how the sequence goes and how involved the project can get.
There can't be too many, reality wands out there.

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