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chilangopolaco 04-29-2008 10:21 AM

bath remo
I am thinking about remodeling my bathroom a bit.
  • Move the walls towards bedroom (which is huge)
  • demolish the wall that parts sinks with the rest of the bathroom
  • install triangle bathtub (jacucci like) I am not sure if it will fit…
  • put tiles and tops and elevate the top a little bit
project #3

My questions are around 1 and 2. Would it be a good idea to increase the size of the bathroom at the expense of the bedroom? As I mentioned the bedroom is big … the closet would be bigger as well. The wall would run close to the window though…
Also what is more contemporary. ? opened bathroom and sink area or I would rather keep the tub area separate from the sink area ?

The whole area would be close with some pocket door. I welcome your comments and suggestions – thanks!

angus242 04-30-2008 10:09 PM

I would not move that wall out. You have the window in the bedroom that you're messing with by moving the wall.
Also, by moving the tub, you may also have to move the plumbing (drain). Do you have the cost of (possibly) moving plumbing around in your budget?
Finally, I tell home owners that are considering major remodeling projects to also get the advice of a local realtor. If a realtor says it would be beneficial, that's a big thumbs up however, if they tell you it's not going to give you any return on investment OR actually hurt the homes value, well then you have your answer.

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