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hampton72 03-05-2008 07:16 PM

Basement remodel, I need help figuring out moisture problem
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I have lived in this house for 4 years, I have cleaned and acid washed the concrete block walls in my basement due to what I think is efflorescence and then repainted the walls with waterproofing paint. One part of one wall that is connected to our garage keeps getting the efflorescence back. I used hydraulic cement between the small gap of the concrete garage floor and the foundation. This has not helped. I am trying to figure out what else I can do to stop the efflorescence. It is even peeling the paint off in sections.
My second problem is that I picked up exercise mats that was under exercise equipment and there is now stains on the bottom of them. It matches the exact outline of the floor tiles underneath. Hence there is some moisture coming up through the floor. What would be the best floor system to put down?
I have had several companies come out and tell me I need to install a waterproof system, drainage, and even a sump pump. I do not feel I have that big of a problem. There has never been any standing water or any water running down the walls. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!!!

KUIPORNG 03-07-2008 10:30 AM

completely water tight may not be achieveable
in some situations, concrete breath.... therefore releasing moistures is a matter of fact.... so trying to seal off such breathing activities by painting..etc... probably is kind of a waste of effort.... to reduce moisture... may be able to do somthing from outside... but if not achieveable... can do somthing to minimize the impact to the basement.... well someone in this forum suggest to have a gap between the outside wall and the framing wall... other method is to hand roof tar paper on the wall to isolate it with the pink insulation and wood framing and let minor moisture absorbed by the paper and dry out... regarding floor... somthing similar... either build a platform or use product similar to dricore.... but I don't like dricore due to the pricey... same effect can be achieve by putting the same plastic materials than OSB boards....

welll I am not a professional... only did above before on my basement and so far it works well, my finished basement has no feeling of any moisture whatsoever....

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