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jimdd 07-22-2008 12:58 PM

Basement Moisture problem
I recently finished my basement and researched it to the point that I was comfortable that I was doing things right. BUT now I see that there is some mold on the bottom 3 inches on the wall in areas where there were thing against the was inhibiting air circulation.

Here is what was there.......
-It was a home built by a builder. The basement was framed to the floor and insulated to the frost line. There was a poly vapour barrier over the insulation, the vapour barrier was folded back to the exterior foundation wall and attached to the wall at the frost line area on the insulation. Tar paper on the exterior concrete wall behind the vapour barrier.

Here is what I did to finishe the basement......
-I insulated the walls with R12 (Flexibatt from ROXUL). I kept the insulation approx 12 inches above the floor.
-I detached the vapour barrier that was attached to the wall and added vapour barrier right down to the floor. taped the joint with the red tape.
-drywalled over it.


-I have not completed the reno yet and items are still piled up against the walls. This is primarily where the mold I described above was located.

-We dry clothes on a clothes line in the basement frequently....adding to an already damp basement. This is what I think may be causing our problems. We have discontinued this practice. I will wait to see if the problem reoccurrs.

I welcome any thought/suggestions/criticism of my method that would assist me in correcting this situation.

KUIPORNG 07-22-2008 02:48 PM

You should wipe out all builder insulation and...
You should get rid of all builder's insulation... then take a good look at the concrete wall see if there is any cracks...etc... even there isn't ... this should be the proper way to do it... builder's insulation is for passing the code only to sell the house to you... it is not for meant to be used for renovating a proper basement....

don't try to save a little bit harrsel... do it right... especially you are DIY ... some contractors probably will as lazy and do the same as you... but as home owner... do it properly... why...

1. when builder setup those insulation... there are probably a lot of moisture in the basement (due to new construction)... those moisture are highly likely got trapped inside the insulation and poly... so mold is possible... just dump the thing.. or reuse it in attic

2. you should do a clear inspection at the concrete behind the insulation before spending so much effort/$$ in such a project... see if there is leak...

3. the way the builder do the insulation is not proper.... not for renovating basement... proper way is: frame up... put in roof tar paper at the wall... then insulation... then poly... the roof tar paper serves as temporary release from any moisture leak into the basement got direct contact with the insulation which create a big mess...

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