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Master Brian 03-16-2010 10:20 AM

basement flooring
I am slowly working to get the basement in my 1915 Craftsman Bungalow finished into living space. The area I'm dealing with currently will be the TV/Entertainment/Game room. The size is approx 640sq ft.

I am looking for ways to seal and possibly self level this floor so that I can safely install either a ceramic tile floor or possibly even some sort of "wood" flooring.

The problem is part of the floor has been painted with what I believe is a latex paint. Not sure if it was a sealer or not, but I moved a small fridge and ended up with a pool of water on the floor that caused the coating to crack and lift where the water went un-noticed for a few days. It settled back down once the water evaporated. Because of the lifting of the "paint", I suspect this coating needs to be removed prior to doing anything.

I am unsure of the best method to remove the latex paint. I am also curious if I can just clean it really well and possibly install some sort of epoxy sealer over the entire area then tile over that or what. Will the tile stick to a sealer or epoxy finish or will ceramic tile placed over the clean concrete act as it's own sealer? What if I opt for a floating wood floor.

I really am thinking it might be 6months to a year before I apply the final floor as I want to ensure the floor stays dry through the spring and get the walls and ceilings painted and finished, but I'd love to clean the floor and get it looking better in the meantime and start any ceiling or epoxying.

FWI, I believe there are two layers of concrete. I believe there is a very old, possibly original layer, that has been overlayed by several inches of newer concrete. When I say newer, my best guess is somewhere in the 70's-80's. I have never noticed water seep up through the concrete floor, I even have some dirt floor in an adjacent room that is always dry as well. With that said, my parents live about 4 blocks away and do get water seeping up through their concrete floor in their basement.

I should also state that I prefer not using anything to combustable or toxic, as I have small children and I really don't want to have to leave my hot water tank or furnace off for very long right now.

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